Small Business of the Year

A ‘Small Business of the Year’ proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to making an impact. This title shows that small businesses are just as effective at supporting those around them, even with less manpower and resources at their disposal. ​


Community Impact Award


Whilst the main objective of a successful business is their profit margins, many seek to support the community in which they are based. Money isn’t everything, and these businesses show it. They care about protecting the environment, developing initiatives and projects to improve the lives of those less fortunate, and much more.

Business of the Year


‘Business of the Year’ is a title all organisations strive for. It’s a title that illustrates the dedication and accomplishments of a business, and the significant impact they have on the community.


Marketing Campaign of the Year


A powerful marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools in a business’ arsenal. It can evoke a wide range of emotions, capture a person’s attention, and influence their decisions. 

Entrepreneur of the Year


Entrepreneurs are innovators. They introduce unique products and services to the marketplace. They see new and exciting opportunities where others don’t and act on them. They are trendsetters and risk takers.​

Lifetime Achievement Award


There are individuals who dedicate their lives to shaping and improving the community in which they live. These individuals lay the foundations necessary for future growth and development, and without them the business community would not be as successful as it is today.


In a highlight of the evening, Mr. Keith Parker Tibbetts Jr. will be honoured as recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Business for 2018. 
His sterling contributions to business and community life in the Cayman Islands will be celebrated at this festive evening

Commitment to Education


Education is one of the key pillars of any community, and businesses work hard to support the students that will, one day, become industry leaders. These businesses not only commit themselves to help students, but also the institutions that are responsible for creating them. 

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, as the main organiser and promoter of the Business Excellence Awards, hereby declares that submissions and evaluation results shall be determined based on an internal committee, therefore no special attention shall be given to any organisation(s) or person(s). Decisions made by the evaluating panels are final. 

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